Dear Friends,
Navistar is pleased to introduce its Brand Guidelines. In this document you will be introduced to our new logo and all of its variations. The logo is the single most powerful and prevalent symbol of Navistar’s corporate identity. And its new design is a graphic representation of the exciting and forward-looking activity underway across our divisions.
Additionally, this document aims to ensure that every piece of communication bearing the Navistar name shares a look, a feel and a voice that reflect the core values of the organization – the values that form the basis of our corporate identity.
Who is Navistar?
We are a family of global brands – vehicle brands, engine brands and service brands. Each is unique and distinct. Each is a separate entity whose identity will not change. But through Navistar, we are joined together 16,000 strong. Different by trade, but focused on one goal. Unified by one common belief… Powering Ingenuity.
This style guide speaks to the heart of how we present ourselves to our constituents, customers and partners. As we continue to foster new ideas and innovations, it is important that they be communicated in a way that strengthens our brand identity. So that as we move forward, we underscore our unity of purpose through the cohesion of our presentation.
Al Saltiel
Vice President, Marketing

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